Registry Commander
Alternative Registry Editor
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Registry Commander

This application is an alternative to the registry editor that comes with Windows. It offers most of the same features, plus a little more. The main difference between Registry Commander and RegEdit, is how the registry data is visually shown. Instead of having all keys to the left side in a tree, they are displayed in the same window, as if they were normal file folders.

Main Features

- Copy or Rename/Move entire keys and values from one key to another. - Cut or Copy keys and values from one place and paste them into another. - A column that displays the size in bytes of a value's data. - Supports all 12 data types, defined in the "winnt.h" header file. Most other registry editors only handles Strings, Binary, DWord, Expanded Strings and sometimes also MultiString. - Allows you to bookmark keys or values so you can access them more quickly. Comments can be associated with each bookmark. - Search part of or the entire registry database, not only can you search by a keyword, but you can also search by size or data type. - Change a value's data type. I.e. you can change a string into a binary value, without changing the content of the data. - Ability to interpret one value for another, without modifying the data. This would allow you to view a string saved as a binary value or vice versa. - With the reg:// protocol, you can create links to a specific key in the registry, it works the same way as http:// does. - A history list has been added, to allow a quick jump from current key to a previously key.

History of Registry Commander

Registry Commander was created to make editing the registry easier, compared to the Windows registry editor "RegEdit". Although there was already a few alternatives, I didn't much care for any of them, as neither really changed on the concept, they all had the left side tree window with keys and a window to the right with values. Registry Commander changes all of this, by treating keys as folders, putting both the keys and values in the same window, and thus discarding the key tree to the left. Many features of this program has been inspired by the file manager "Total Commander" (, which also is the reason I named it "Registry Commander".

Registry Commander Changes | 2015 Feb 15

- Fixed an issue with sorted bookmarks. Any action done when a list was sorted, would not act on the correct item.

Registry Commander Changes | 2015 Feb 13

- The default icon library is now the internal icons, and not "default.icl". This means there will be no warning message when run without any ICL files. - Added a confirmation dialog for when bookmarks are being deleted. To avoid confusion, the dialog will inform that only bookmark entries are being deleted, and not any actual registry database keys or values. - The value type selection dialog will now resize itself, to avoid showing scroll bars no matter what UI theme or font size is being used. - Added keyboard shortcuts to some of the items in the Main menu without one. - The INI settings file is no longer named "config.ini", but will have the same name of the main EXE file, but with an INI extension. So if the EXE file is renamed, it will use a different INI file. - Less flickering when resizing the window or adjusting the bookmark panel height. - New icon library, "squares". It features square icons of various low saturated pastel-like colors. Icons are from the famfamfam silk icon set. - Reordered the bookmark columns, so that the item name is first. - Bookmark can now be sorted. To return to an unsorted state, sort by index. - Added a sort indicator glyph for both listviews.

Registry Commander Changes | 2013 Feb 23

- Bookmarks are now saved entirely as raw text, this makes it a lot more simple and easier to edit manually. Old bookmark files will automatically be converted. This also fixes the 256 string length limitation the old format had. - It is now possible to copy the current path and current path URL to the clipboard from the main menu. - Left clicking on the path header will no longer copy the path to the clipboard, but will instead show the history list. - New option added to the configurations dialog, which lets you remember the history between sessions. - Selected sound file now also plays after full registry export. - The "Entire Registration Database" search scope will now only search HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and HKEY_USERS. All other roots are just subkeys of these two roots. - Search window position and filter settings are now saved between sessions. - Each section of the search dialog now has a shortcut key associated with it. - The type formatting for keys now supports the "%T" option, it will display the last modification time using the long date & time format. The already existing "%t" uses the short date & time format. - Initial font setting is now defaulted to the system font instead of "Tahoma". - The value type formatting for hex values "%h", has been added a second formatting method in the form of "%H". Lower case "%h" will format the hex values in lower case (a..f), "%H" will be upper case (A..F). - Optimized the speed and memory usage of the hexadecimal formatting display type (%H and %h). - Rewrote the key and value enumeration loop, both for the main window, but also for the search dialog. It should now be using less memory, and hopefully be a little faster too. - Open and save dialogs are now using a modern style look. - Fixed an issue with no type icon for bookmark items that were of a non standard registry data type. - It's no longer possible to incorrectly search the current key or root while in root mode. Select specific root key or entire registration database. - The current root handle is now stored in the "config.ini" file as a string, rather than the integer value. This makes it consistent with the rest of the program, and also makes it easier to edit manually. - The bookmarks listview no longer flickers when items are being added during an active search. - Added an option under the Visial tab of the configurations dialog to change the icon library used. This changes the icons used to identify each registry data type. If you create a custom ICL, feel free to send it this way. - When the icon library loaded from the "config.ini" file does not exist, a warning is shown, and the icons are loaded internally instead. Go to the options to pick a valid icon library. - Fixed a pointer error when saving hex value data from the edit value dialog.

Registry Commander Changes | 2012 Jan 24

- Completely redesigned the search dialog. Each category now has a colored header. Black headers mean this search type is disabled, red headers mean invalid parameters, and green means valid parameters. - When doing a search, the option to scan a data's value for the specified keyword, is now disabled by default. This was to reduce the search time, as this feature about doubles the time a search takes. - Search result bookmarks are now updated in the list as they are found. - Rewrote the registry export function, it is not only much faster, but it also allows for multiple keys to be exported at once. - The main menu now has a "Bookmarks" menu item. All relevant menu items have been moved to here. - The feature to export the entire registry database has been added under the Main menu item. This will export HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and HKEY_USERS. - Removed the Key Tree, as I'm not happy with its implementation. One day it may return, but in that case, it will be as a docked list in the main window. - If you're holding down shift, while entering/double-clicking a key, it will start up a new session of Registry Commander from that key. - Reverse sorting added. Click twice on a listview column header to toggle reverse sorting. - The options menu now has the menu item "Toggle 64-bit Mode". - Better error exceptions for when doing actions in places with no write access. - The value data edit dialog can now be resized. - The default formatting for an unknown data type is now the same as for the "None" type, instead of just being "%h", which couldn't be configured. - Fixed: If focus was lost during an item rename, no rename was actually done (as fixed in last release), but it would still have the visual bug of changing the caption of the listview item. - The search filter for data type will no longer incorrectly match those rare types with a high ID above REG_QWORD (11). - It is now possible to change the data type of more than one value at a time.